Results 2017



Peos Estate, Shiraz 56.5

Rambouillet Pemberton, Chardonnay 56.5

Silkwood Wines, Malbec Silk 56

Hillbrook, Fume Blanc 56

Tammar Gully, Shiraz 56 

Silkwood Wines, Cabernet Malbec 56 

Truffle Hill Wines, Shiraz 55.5

Silkwood Wines, Malbec Walcott 55.5

Silkwood Wines, Shiraz Walcott 55.5

Truffle Hill Wines, Cane Cut Riesling 55.5

Silkwood Wines, Pinot Noir Walcott 55.5 

Silkwood Wines, Sauvignon Blanc 55.5 

Whimwood Estate Wines, Chardonnay 55.5 

Peos Estate, Chardonnay 55.5 

Olde Eastbrook, Shiraz 55.5 

Woodgate Wines, Merlot 55.5 

Nannup Ridge Estate, Shiraz Malbec Tempranillo 55.5 

Bellarmine, Shiraz 55.5 



Silkwood Wines, Cabernet Merlot Malbec 50

Bellarmine, Sauvignon Blanc 50 

Silkwood Wines, Shiraz Walcott 49

LATITUDE 34 WINE Co, Shiraz Ti Tree 49

Silkwood Wines, Chardonnay 49

Tanglewood, Merlot 49

LATITUDE 34 WINE Co, Rose Rushy Creek 49

Silkwood Wines, Riesling 49

Silkwood Wines, Semillon Sauv Blanc (Lady) 49

Domains Vineyards, Pinot Noir 49

Capel Vale Wines, Chardonnay 48.5

Tammar Gully, Sauvignon Blanc 48.5

Hillbrook, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 48.5

Mongrel Creek, Chenin Blanc 48.5

Domains Vineyards, chardonay 48

Silkwood Wines, Chardonnay 48

Tammar Gully, Cabernet Sauvignon 47.5

Nannup Ridge Estate, Chardonnay 47.5

Hillbrook, Sauvignon Blanc 47

Silkwood Wines, Cabernet Malbec Walcott 47

Silkwood Wines, Chardonnay Pinot 47

Mongrel Creek, Shiraz 80% Merlot 20% 47

Pemberley of Pemberton, Sauv Blanc, Semillon 47

LATITUDE 34 WINE Co, Cabernet Sauvignon Captain J 47

Silkwood Wines, Chardonnay 47

LATITUDE 34 WINE Co, Rose Crush 46.5

Nannup Ridge Estate,Tempranillo 46.5

LATITUDE 34 WINE Co, Cabernet Sauvignon Tweed R 46.5

LATITUDE 34 WINE Co, Rose St Johns 46.5

Chestnut Grove Wines, Cab Sauvignon Merlot 46.5

Silkwood Wines, Chardonnay Pinot Little B 46.5

Peos Estate, Pinot Noir 46.5

Peos Estate, Cabernet Sauvignon 4 Kings 46.5

Bellarmine, Chardonnay 46.5

Silkwood Wines, Semillon 46.5

Hillbrook, Merlot 46.5

Woodgate Wines, Cabernet Franc 46.5

Silkwood Wines, Dry Riesling 46.5

Tammar Gully, Chardonnay 46.5

Truffle Hill Wines, Merlot 46.5

Truffle Hill Wines, Pinot Noir 46.5

Silkwood Wines, Riesling 46.5



Silkwood Wines, Merlot 53

Pemberley of Pemberton, Pinot Noir Chardonnay 53

Tanglewood, Cabernet Sauvignon 52

Pemberley of Pemberton, Pinot Noir 52

Firetail Wines, Sparkling Chardonnay 52

Peos Estate, Cabernet Sauvignon 4 Aces 51

Silkwood Wines, Rose 51

Silkwood Wines, Semillon Sauv Blanc 51

Silkwood Wines, Sauvignon Blanc 51

Silkwood Wines, Chardonnay 51

Peos Estate, Chardonnay 51

Rambouillet Pemberton, Sauvignon Blanc 51

Truffle Hill Wines, Cab Sauv Merl Cab franc Malbec 51

FRAZER WOODS WINES, Pinot Chardonnay Rose 51

Rambouillet Pemberton, Shiraz 51

Pemberley of Pemberton, Merlot 51

Olde Eastbrook, Blanc DE Blanc 51

Olde Eastbrook, Sauvignon Blanc 51

Nannup Ridge Estate, Sauvignon Blanc 51

Domains Vineyards, Chardonay 51

LATITUDE 34 WINE Co, Cabernet Sauvignon Optimus 51

LATITUDE 34 WINE Co, Cabernet Sauvignon Crush 51

FRAZER WOODS WINES, Pinot Chardonnay 51

Bellarmine, Riesling Half-Dry 51

Silkwood Wines, Cabernet Malbec Walcott 51

Silkwood Wines, Pinot Noir Silk 51

Bellarmine, Riesling Select 51 


Jane Faulkner – Chief Judge – Victoria

Jane is a journalist by training and a wine writer by vocation. While she toils towards launching her website, her words can be read in Halliday wine magazine, on-line at Wine Searcher and other publications. Jane is an experienced wine judge and chairs numerous shows.

Paul Nelson – Judge – Denmark WA

Paul Nelson Wines is a small family run winery based in Denmark, Western Australia. After graduating from Curtin University with a BSc in Viticulture and Oenology, Paul Nelson spent 10 years travelling the world as a flying winemaker, refining his skills through vintages in Rhinehesson, Germany; Paphos, Cyrpus; Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Italy; Santa Ynez, California; Stellenbosch, South Africa and Narayangon, India. Harvest 2009 saw his return to Australia, coinciding with the release of the first wine under his own label. His '2009 Paul Nelson Fume-Blanc' was awarded as one of the Top White Wines in Australia by James Halliday. Paul Nelson Wines was named as one of the Best New Wineries in the country.

Dan Wegener – Judge – Tuart Hill WA

Dan Wegener is one of Australia’s most awarded sommeliers representing Australia at the World Champs in Athens in 2011 as Australia’s young sommelier of the year. Head Sommelier at Quay of Sydney, penned Australia’s most awarded wine list at Perth’s Print Hall. Since relocating to the West in 2011 as Director of Beverage at Print Hall Dan has developed, as co-founder, The Drink Well Philosophy.

Dan is chasing his Master Sommelier pin whilst judging at regional, state and national wine shows.